Anshul Jain, born and brought up in Indore and a Chartered accountant by profession is also one of the co founders of Veg Bagicha.Initially Anshul started his career in business banking services.Later he joined his father's seed production, distribution and agro inputs business along with practicing chartered Accountancy. Working alongside his father he came in touch with many farmers around the region and became familiar with the practices at the farm. Slowly he became dismally aware of the use of the extensive and repeated use of chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides in production of crops at every stage. One thing became undeniably clear to him that this was ripping the soil, the plants and produce of its natural richness and in turn the whole ecosystem. This pained him. The question that lingered in his mind was “ What are we eating and feeding the rest of our country’s population?” Anshul knew he had to do away with the old system of farming and he deeply felt the need to get to the root of this process of agriculture. He felt passionately that there was a better cleaner more natural way to help these plants thrive and restore depleted soil. He believed that nature would then do the rest in rejuvenating the entire ecosystem. One of his first decisions was discontinuing the use of agricultural chemicals and using natural organic ones. He was resolute he wanted to gradually begin a facelift to the agricultural processes. He wanted to give people an opportunity to eat healthy products while at the same time saving the environment.

50 acre area, where in we Amalgamate -Vedic (traditional) agricultural practices with modern practices of agriculture.

Organic agriculture means going to the roots – working on bringing a balanced, natural, holistic system of farming, correcting the basics first -creating healthy soil. The crops and produce are grown for endurance and natural immunity to disease and parasites. Organic also means NO chemicals, drench, dip, vaccines or artificial fertilisers and No monoculture agriculture.

Instead what is used is organic bio-degradable pesticides (involving No toxins) and using bio degradable fertilisers. Creating Pesticides , Insecticides and Fertilizers using organic wastes or extracts of crop, animal and farm wastes, aquatic wastes - cow dung, cow urine.

We enrich our soil and in turn the plants by making traditional Vedic fertilisers like :

Jeevamrit, Panchagavya, Dashagavya