Anukul Jain one of the founders of Veg Bagicha has graduated with engineering in telecommunication and has had exceptional experience with IT companies . He then pursued his MBA in Agri Business followed by experience gleaned in Drip irrigation in Pune. His father has been immersed in the business of seed production and distribution since the past 20 years . Anukul has been closely associated with his father as a sales and marketing head , while side by side working with the research team to develop and introduce their own variety of wheat seeds. All of these was a great influence on his silent calling from within to invest his energies into the Indian farming system. Whereever he turned he repeatedly was faced with videos showcasing the cruel reality that the Indian farm produce was subject to and the consistent artificial treatments that the farm produce underwent just so that they looked good and appealing to the consumer. He knew that this in turn had multifarious hazardous effects on the consumers and it irked him. Yes this process was easy and economical “but was it the right way?”- was the question that always lingered in his mind. Something time and again prompted Anukul to take a stand for his nation to save and revitalise this noble business right from the roots, working up to the health of the citizens .He resolutely wanted to change the traditional farming practises that have been prevalent in our country for some time now, using all the prowess of knowledge and technology.

50 acre area, where in we Amalgamate -Vedic (traditional) agricultural practices with modern practices of agriculture.

Organic agriculture means going to the roots – working on bringing a balanced, natural, holistic system of farming, correcting the basics first -creating healthy soil. The crops and produce are grown for endurance and natural immunity to disease and parasites. Organic also means NO chemicals, drench, dip, vaccines or artificial fertilisers and No monoculture agriculture.

Instead what is used is organic bio-degradable pesticides (involving No toxins) and using bio degradable fertilisers. Creating Pesticides , Insecticides and Fertilizers using organic wastes or extracts of crop, animal and farm wastes, aquatic wastes - cow dung, cow urine.

We enrich our soil and in turn the plants by making traditional Vedic fertilisers like :

Jeevamrit, Panchagavya, Dashagavya