Suryapal Singh another CoFounder of Veg Bagicha, was born into a farmers family in Ujjain where in farming was the core occupation of his family since many generations. Suryapal later graduated in Psychology and Journalism and had extensive experience with two big media houses of the country India today network and Network 18. In 2016 Suryapal came back to Indore with a dream of a start-up, in a year’s time he was drawn to “Organic farming”. He met Anshul Jain and the two of them looked at new opportunities in the farming business and unwaveringly decided to follow through with organic farming. In spite of having familial roots in farming , yet farming by incorporating organic methods seemed novel and full of challenges. ​He knew it would be an arduous task to overhaul the ecosystem of our farm, which had already been poisoned with heaps of chemicals since many decades. The calling of this noble business, compelled Suryapal to become the catalyst of change In the current agricultural practises. He was driven with a new vision of protecting the environment and people's health.

50 acre area, where in we Amalgamate -Vedic (traditional) agricultural practices with modern practices of agriculture.

Organic agriculture means going to the roots – working on bringing a balanced, natural, holistic system of farming, correcting the basics first -creating healthy soil. The crops and produce are grown for endurance and natural immunity to disease and parasites. Organic also means NO chemicals, drench, dip, vaccines or artificial fertilisers and No monoculture agriculture.

Instead what is used is organic bio-degradable pesticides (involving No toxins) and using bio degradable fertilisers. Creating Pesticides , Insecticides and Fertilizers using organic wastes or extracts of crop, animal and farm wastes, aquatic wastes - cow dung, cow urine.

We enrich our soil and in turn the plants by making traditional Vedic fertilisers like :

Jeevamrit, Panchagavya, Dashagavya